You just never know when life is going to throw an unfortunate break your way. It happened to Chipur, and I’d like to explain and apologize…

It was midday Friday, August 18. Thought I’d see how Chipur was looking so hopped-on my mobile to check it out. But the only thing I saw was the kiss of death: “Error establishing a database connection.”

Chipur was down.

Well, it was more than just that. The outage hit my email and I couldn’t access my web host or Chipur control panels.

Holy mackerel.

To make a very long and frustrating story short, I wrestled with my web host for six days over what exactly was wrong and how to fix it. Funny, those of you who follow Chipur on Twitter may have seen some of my tweets (I tried to be civil).

Bottom-line: Thanks to an unusually eager and helpful tech-staffer, Chris, we’re once again up and running.

I apologize for the lengthy unavailability and really hope to retain your readership.

Oh, should you ever find Chipur down, I always provide the latest details on Chipur Facebook, which automatically posts on Twitter.

Thank You…

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