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A Peaceful Autumn Evening…

A Peaceful Autumn Evening…

I love evenings like this. The only thing really going on is the howl of a mighty autumn wind. I have no writing agenda, only to express my feelings and thoughts. And share…

Been a busy several days, so much going-on. Getting myself through some changes. Good ones, I believe. Talked my teenage daughter through some raw emotions late last night. Had a nice dinner with my Dad a bit ago. And had a cool text-chat with my freshman-in-college son shortly after.

So much to reflect upon and absorb.

My present state of heart and mind was born in stopping by Therese Borchard’s Beyond Blue blog late this afternoon. Today’s piece was wonderful. Even included a video. She does such cool work. Here is it, by the way.

So what’s not to like about an evening like this?

As I began writing, one of my old poems came to mind. I’d like to share it with you. ‘Course, the setting’s a bit different than tonight, but it’s still such a good fit…


Alone in my bed, to cherish the moment

Nothing’s left but the crying howl of winter’s wind

And dreams of another day

So many slides flash before me, as I quietly recollect

I cried and I laughed

I hated and loved

I took and I gave

I hurt and felt joy

Miraculous to me, this collage of emotion

Some harsh, some so sweet

Yet all mine

And in that, I take comfort

And drift away to sleep

How’s by you this evening? Maybe you’re just as random, peaceful, and comfy as I am. But maybe you’re not. And if that’s the case, perhaps this piece will help.

Hope so…

image credit  Plage Jacques-Cartier by Autumn’s Night, Quebec City, Canada. From

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