The weeds are deep out there. Makes it tough to get around and hides the spiders and snakes. Vigilance and stress take their toll. “I’m burned out on life.” But are you willing to make a comeback?

What percentage of supposed ‘normal’ people could walk even a half-mile in your shoes?

Trudging through the overgrowth day after day is exasperating and exhausting.

And if you’re living with depression and anxiety symptoms, the weeds are all the more deep.

It’s hard.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re burned out on life, the only thing that immediately matters is having the will to make a comeback – after a well-deserved break.

Crushed by negative self-talk

As burnout sets in, one of the first challenges that presents is negative self-image. And the accompanying unfair and crushing negative self-talk makes it a two for one special.

Can you picture our friend above saying…

  • “How could I be this weak?”
  • “How could I have screwed up my life so badly.”
  • “All these years later, and this is where I am?”
  • “The great comedy: my life is absolutely meaningless and worthless.

And, of course, repetition makes it difficult to turn things around.

By the way, do any of those observations ring true to you?

Be kind to yourself

So what to do about this burnout business?

Well, there are a variety of options. But for the sake of simplicity, let’s run with just one: start being kind to yourself.

What does it look like?

be kind to yourself

“I’m not good at doing things like this, but for the sake of my comeback…”

Have you ever given yourself a hug?

If you have, how long has it been since the last one? If you haven’t, would you do it?

But maybe you aren’t into hugs. What about giving yourself an occasional round of applause? Or go with verbal expression. I frequently say aloud, “Nice job, Bill.” if I handled something well. I’ll even throw in a modest fist pump.

For all I know you’re rolling your eyes. That’s fine, but you can still give the concept a go. I’m telling you, if you do it consistently, it works.

Holding onto hope

So you’re burned out on life – and you’re still reading. That’s a good sign. Seems to me you’re willing to make a comeback when the time is right.

It feels like you’re holding onto hope.

It takes time

Look, I’ve been there. Fact is, the dilemma isn’t going to be resolved by the end of the day.

However, as long as you continue to move even inches forward – mentally, emotionally, or physically – you’re recovering, whether you realize it or not.

That may be hard to wrap your arms around, but it’s true.

Where do I start?

Let’s say you’re beyond willingness and ready to make your comeback. Where do you start?

As with any quality rebuilding project, work on the foundation. That means addressing the two for one special: your negative self-image and negative self-talk.

And I can’t think of a better way to get the wheels rolling than to include being kind to yourself in your daily routine.

Need some motivation?

What percentage of supposed “normal” people could walk even a half-mile in your shoes?

We both know the number is low. So put that fact to work. Use it to pump yourself up for your comeback.

That’s all that matters

The weeds are deep out there. And the vigilance and stress that come with trudging through them take their toll.

“I’m burned out on life.” But are you willing to make a comeback?

That’s all that matters.

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