10 Things We Can Do To Improve Our Judgment and Decision-Making

Yesterday I posted an article focusing upon a commonly used cliche. I suggested it was a rationalization for our poor judgment and decision-making. Well, let’s talk about 10 things we can do about it.

“You know, someday we’ll look back at this and have a good laugh.” It’s an all too often used arrow in the quiver of someone enduring depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

I used it all the time until it finally dawned on me it had become a rationalization for my very poor judgment and decision-making skills.

So I focused upon the fix, as opposed to continuing to use the cliche. By the way, here’s a link to yesterday’s piece.

News flash – if it hasn’t already popped us upside the head, those of us enduring depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are front-running candidates for making poor judgments and decisions.

So much of this is driven by our pathology; however, there’s plenty we can do about it. That said, let’s look at…

10 Things We Can Do To Improve Our Judgment and Decision-Making

  1. Gain insight into our potential for dicey judgment and decision-making. Acceptance, before the fix.
  2. Draft a list of the costly judgments and decisions we’ve made over the past 30 days.
  3. Next to each of #2, record how our pathology contributed – and what we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  4. Acknowledge our disorder, and consistently and responsibly manage it.
  5. Run our judgments and potential decisions by someone we trust.
  6. Avoid snap-judgments and decisions. Rather, take the time to jot-down potential solutions before making our call.
  7. Protect ourselves from stress through exercise, relaxation, diet, and other healthy lifestyle habits.
  8. Reward ourselves when we’ve made a nice judgment call or decision. Jot-down how good it made us feel.
  9. Do all we can to keep our minds active – e.g.: read, write, do puzzles, learn a language.
  10. Truly believe we have the authority and power to turn our judgment and decision-making history around – because we do!

“You know, someday we’ll look back at this and have a good laugh.”

Dang, I relied on that cliche. But I feel so much better knowing I smelled the coffee and put it behind me. Now it’s about proactively working on my judgment calls and decision-making – and charting my progress.

And it’s made me so much stronger!

How ’bout you? Did anything click? Anything you’d add to our list? Your comments are valuable to all of us!

image credit  strategydriven.com