In desperate times, 10 reasoned measures

by | Dec 1, 2023

desperate times

Does it really make sense? “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” That’s like saying if you’re having a panic attack, pop an Adderall and lock yourself in a closet. It’s not easy, but in desperate times calm and reason can work wonders.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by desperate times, don’t you think we need a fresh mindset and response?

Could be because of our emotional and mental health, family life, relationships, finances, frenetic pace…

Desperate times can turn our lives into a living hell. And when it begins to go down, thoughts of calm and reason are often snuffed out by full throttle hysteria.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures?”

Okay, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Wise counsel if an 18-wheeler is coming at us. However, beyond our fight/flight response, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Look, unless we’re divinely protected, it’s likely we’ll experience times of great desperation. And with them will come the false belief that all hope is gone.

But you know what? The calamity doesn’t have to be perceived and responded to like a coming asteroid strike. However, that can only happen if it’s managed well.

10 reasoned measures

In anticipation of the next dance with desperate times, let’s partner up with some reasoned measures…

  1. Take a breath or two and get the true lay of the land, cognitive distortions and hysteria aside.
  2. If we have a relationship with a spiritual power, it’s time to have a chat. And why not feel the confidence and strength that come with such a relationship? By the way, if we don’t have one, maybe it’s time to get busy.
  3. Confirm and hold on to who we know we are. And if there are doubts, what better time to set the record straight?
  4. Allow the circumstances and response to evolve. Working hard toward resolution doesn’t mean we have to control every minute detail.
  5. Turn to others for help. And if our contact list is blank, it’s time to add some names.
  6. Believe that what we’re dealing with is the best possible learning and growth opportunity.
  7. Feel good about the character we’re building.
  8. Know that it’s very likely things may not be as bad and desperate as we may think.
  9. What a great time to understand and respond to the suffering of others.
  10. It’s crucial to deeply believe we won’t perish.

A bonus #11: The outcome is intended.

So what do you think? I’m sure you can come up with more.

Just like you

Just like you, I’ve known desperate times…

Times when things looked so bleak for so long, that I really wondered if life was worth it. Times when it took every ounce of strength to climb out of bed and face another day. Times when my spiritually barren and broken soul pleaded for some version of a higher power to intervene – and provide comfort. Times when the concept of “tomorrow” wasn’t conceivable.

Know what I mean?

Keeping the spirit alive

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by desperate times, don’t you think we need a fresh mindset and response?

Believe me, I know it doesn’t come naturally, but just keeping the spirit of calm and reason alive in our minds and souls will get us off to a great start.

And we can grow from there.

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