Are you constantly trying to survive the tumult generated by misinterpretation and overreaction? If you’re wrestling with a mood or anxiety disorder, there’s a pretty good chance you are. So what are we going to do about that? Let’s turn to the calming power of reason…

They underscore our authority and ability to manage reactions to anything our minds and the rest of our bodies may throw our way.

These are incredibly trying times for anyone, but those who endure mood and anxiety disorders may really be taking “life” on the chin.

For us, misinterpretation and overreaction are ever-present dangers. So it’s absolutely essential to learn how to find, and rely upon, the calming power of reason.

Let’s roll…

Interpreaction and Interpreversal
I coined the terms interpreaction and interpreversal a long time ago, out of personal necessity. And I believe the concepts may be of great assistance to you as you approach your emotional and mental challenges – well, life in general.

Incidentally, it won’t take long for you to see interpreaction and interpreversal are grounded in cognitive and cognitive-behavioral theory and therapy. I just needed a way to make it all come alive.

Okay, let’s take a look…

  • Interpreaction: Interpretation drives reaction.
  • Interpreversal: If interpretation can create a negative reaction, it stands to reason it also holds the power to reverse this reaction to a positive.

So the concepts really aren’t rocket science, people. Interpreaction guarantees defensive, panicky, and self-destructive reactions if we interpret stimuli as threatening. Conversely, it assures us of calm, managed, and insightful reactions if we interpret stimuli as non-threatening.

Interpreversal takes us to the next level of power and hope. See, it gives us confidence in knowing that just as we’ve traditionally created our distress, it only stands to reason that we can reverse these patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior – ensuring positive and healthy outcomes.

And the best part about interpreaction and interpreversal? They underscore our authority and ability to manage reactions to anything our minds and the rest of our bodies may throw our way.

That’s power.

Think about it. If we fully buy-in to interpreaction and interpreversal, we then know we have absolute authority over our mental spin and every subsequent reaction.

I mean, how could that not be true?

Interpreaction & Interpreversal: Implementation

how to cope with stress

“Okay, I’ve gotta’ hit pause and just relax for a couple of minutes.”

It’s fine understanding what interpreaction and interpreversal are, but they’re worthless if we don’t know how to implement them.

24/7: we need to call upon ourselves to calmly pause – just stop everything – for a couple of minutes after detecting intrusive stimuli. After perhaps a few abdominal breaths it’s time to call upon our internal listening and insight skills, along with what we’ve come to know about our traditional thought processing and reaction patterns.

Only then can we identify what’s really going-on.

After we’ve determined the reasoned truth, we can employ our thought restructuring techniques to devalue any inaccurate messages taking the expressway to action components of our brain.

I mean, here’s the question of the moment: is an 18-wheeler about to run us down or are we facing truly harmless internal or external stimuli that just happened to have created a stir in the past?

How could we ever hope to react in our best interest if we don’t know the answer?

Bring It to Our Lives

I strongly believe in the power of interpreaction and interpreversal. And I think you can see how fully embracing them can give you all kinds of hope and open many doors for you.

Look, since we’ve suffered for so long, we’re used to blindly receiving and accepting all of the negative and destructive little gems our minds and bodies throw our way. Well, I believe it’s time we stood up for our identity and life – and fought back.

Do you agree?

Surely, if negative interpretation can so easily generate disasters, why can’t positive interpretation flip it around? Well it can. And we hold the authority and ability right there in that three-pound mass in our skulls to make it all happen.

Yeah, the calming power of reason. Let’s bring it to our lives.

My eBook, Feelings & Rhymes Through Treacherous Times, may be the light and meaningful read you’ve been looking for.

And I know the hundreds of Chipur mood and anxiety disorder-related articles will be helpful.

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