“Is chipur for me?” 10 maybes

“Okay, great – another mental health blog. Plenty of those floating around the web. And what’s a chipur? But most of all, why should I come back?”

Great points and questions. As a matter of fact, I think about them many times during each and every day. Don’t suppose I’d be of much service to you if I didn’t.

So let’s see if I can make the case for earning your future time and energy.

“What’s a chipur?”

What better place to start than the chipur story? Here goes…

I produced a blog (if you want to call it that) entitled “panicattackology” throughout the second half of 2009. As the holidays approached, I knew I had to expand my horizons beyond panic attacks and anxiety in 2010. I also knew I needed a catchy name.

It was mid-January 2010. My son and I were hanging-out and I asked if I could bounce a few ideas off him. He agreed and I pulled up a site that sells domain names.

My mission was simple. I wanted to find a short and sweet name that would capture an upbeat state of being. I came up with “chipper,” and my son really liked it.

Problem was, domain names with “chipper,” or anything close, were taken. At least until I typed in chipur. Boom, the rest is history.

By the way, do you like the new logo concept? Still doing some tweaking, but wanted to unveil it.

The 10 Maybes

So then, how ’bout those 10 maybes? chipur is very definitely for you if…

  1. You’re looking to belong to a community of people who understand your circumstances.
  2. Depression, anxiety, mania, stress – and more – are causing problems in your life.
  3. You want to find and sustain a sense of hope.
  4. You want to learn, mature, and grow.
  5. You want to know you aren’t weird or alone.
  6. You want to share your challenges and what’s brought relief.
  7. You want to stay current on new developments in the emotional and mental health arena.
  8. You want to try to understand what a spouse, partner, friend, employee, co-worker, student, classmate, client, or patient is enduring – and come by some empathy.
  9. You’d like an encouraging and enriching place to visit every day.
  10. You just need a place where you can be yourself.

“Is chipur for me?”

Well, chipur is definitely for me. But what about you?

Back in my more intense recovery days I learned you can’t be all things to all people. I know many who visit chipur won’t come back. And that only makes sense – it isn’t for everyone.

But chipur is a great place for so many, and I work hard to keep it that way. So if you were able to connect with even one of our 10 Maybes, I’m thinking chipur is definitely for you.

Come on Back

Keep coming back and truly experience chipur. And if you have suggestions as to how it would work better for you, drop me a line. I’m on it.

So now you know what a chipur is. And maybe you’re coming to know why it isn’t just another mental health blog.

Hope so, anyway…