Is Your Workout Regimen a No-Brainer?

You spend all sorts of time and money on staying fit. Heart, delts, abs, glutes – and then some. You say your workout regimen is a “no-brainer.” Literally?

The Baby Boomers are becoming senior citizens (don’t remind me)! And most are doing all they (okay, “we”) can to stay physically fit. But are we neglecting that three-pound mass of tissue and water upstairs?

That may have been the case, but I believe things are changing. Enter an extraordinary website.

Anti-Aging Games (.com)

I spent some time today on Yes, it’s all about brain-games. But as they tout…

“If you are looking for brain teasers or math games, you’re in for a surprise because our games are much more fun than that.”

Anti-Aging Games was created by a group of socially-conscious friends with three goals…

  • Make fun and effective games designed to stimulate the brain.
  • Create tips that teach users how to potentially reduce their risk of early memory loss through lifestyle challenges.
  • Give 20% of the pre-tax profits to worthy charities to improve lives around the world. The charities include International Medical Corps, RAINN, Mercy Corps, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

The games on the site are, indeed, fun – and easy. And they’re all designed to give your mind a workout – and help improve your memory.

And how ’bout this? As you play, your progress scores are tracked by a mega-database. And algorithms are used to provide a tailored workout of games at the right rate just for you.

You can check your scores anytime, allowing you to see how the games are working for you.

Wonder how they came up with just the right mix? Their scientists researched all sorts of cognitive training and brain fitness studies from the past 30 years. They sized-up what was working and put their knowledge into their games.

On top of that, the team reviewed over 17,000 medical studies and boiled them down to the 253 early memory loss risk reduction tips featured on the site.

“The games are for?”

Anti-Aging Games is optimized for those over 35 who are “mentally healthy and active.” The site can actually be used by those over 18.

Of major importance! The games are not designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, epilepsy, brain trauma(s), or other impairments.

“Who’s behind it all?”

Anti-Aging Games has a powerful management and design team led by…

CEO: P. Elizabeth Amini, M.B.A. Ms. Amini is a social entrepreneur. Her Anti-Aging Games business plan won the University of Southern California Business Plan contest. It also took the Young President’s Organization (YPO) award for promising new companies.

Advisor & Chief Game Visionary: Nolan K. Bushnell. In 1972 Mr. Bushnell founded Atari, Inc. That makes him one of the pioneers of the video games industry. He’s considered one of the world’s finest casual game designers. Mr. Bushnell was named one of Newsweek’s “50 Men Who Changed America.”


The Wrap

Doesn’t Anti-Aging Games sound like a super concept? It is, so stop on by the site!

You’ll get a 30-day free trail. And should you decide to continue, the cost is $12.99/month. You can cancel anytime.

I enjoy finding these little tidbits and bringing them to you. Hope you’re able to use them…

P.S. I’m not receiving “cent-one” from this article.

Nonetheless, here’s a link to the site.