Isn’t It Time To Give Yourself a Break (and some love)?

How to Beat Anxiety

The countless hours of hard work and self-degradation take their toll, don’t they? Living with a mood or anxiety disorder is tough biz. Isn’t it time to give yourself a break?

You work so hard. Staying on top of – trying to pull yourself up from – depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder is grueling. And all too often things can get away from you, and you find yourself in the midst of chronic self-beating…

  • “How could I be this weak?”
  • “How could I have screwed-up my life so badly?”
  • “All these years later, and this is where I am?”
  • “The great tragedy: my life is absolutely meaningless and worthless.”

Any of those read true? And, of course, repeating even just one whittles away at any positive self-regard you may have had a shot at.

It’s hard, isn’t it?

You may think I’m out of mind to suggest this, but I really want you to think it over. When was the last time you gave yourself a huge round of applause? Perhaps a warm self-hug? Or maybe a hearty “Atta’ boy!” or  “Atta’ girl!”?

That may sound corny as heck, and you may be rolling your eyes. But I want you to take it under advisement and – well – do it.

Be it snake’s belly mood, the “Why bother anymore’s?,” life-permeating desperation, confining anxiety and panic, or feeling as though it’s time to quit because you’ll never emerge – it’s time to change how you think and believe. Even in small increments.

Look, in spite of your circumstances, you’re reading this post – and your heart’s still beating and you’re breathing. In my mind, that confirms you’re more than alive. And you’re still looking for answers.

That means there’s hope – if you’re willing to take action.

I’m not naive. Remember, I’ve been there. If you’re in the midst of extremely difficult times, things aren’t likely to get miraculously better by the end of the day today.

But I say as long as you continue to move forward as best you can, betterment is happening minute-by-minute. Within the context of black-or-white/things are horrible-things are great thinking, that’s a tough concept to buy. However, it’s taking place – whether or not you realize it.

It’s true.

Do you really want to enhance your chances of positively turning things around? Then be proactive in turning off the butt-kicking machine. ‘Cause in my humble opinion you deserve all the self-congratulations in the world.

How many “normal” people could have endured even an ounce of your misery and survived? My gut says they’d have bailed by now. But you haven’t.

Yes, the countless hours of hard work and self-degradation take their toll. And it takes strong self-intervention to continue to place one foot in front of the other.

Just one such intervention is giving yourself a break and showing yourself some love. Come on, you have to.

I don’t know you, but if this article is hitting home I’m darned proud of you. You’re the salt of the earth and deserving of wonderful things.

Embrace yourself, won’t you? And believe the same…

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