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by | Jul 7, 2015

What Can I Do About Stress

“Many of these essays refer to the hangnails in life, the annoying and all-encompassing moments that have hijacked my attention and provoked me to consider things in a different light. I have learned to investigate them, to focus on one moment at a time, taking life in bite-sized morsels. Yoga enables me to do this.” 

I was using my body to get into my feelings and using my breath to heal my nervous system. I had found the holistic therapy for my holistic disease.

Those are the words of Kyczy Hawk from the intro to her new book Life in Bite-Sized Morsels: Learning to Live Life on Life’s Terms.

Yoga and RecoverySome time ago, I was a member of a Facebook group for addiction recovery and emotional/mental health practitioners. Kyczy (“Keetski”) was a member of that group and I was always so impressed by her knowledge, dedication, and gentleness (come on, just look at the pic).

When she knew Life in Bite-Sized Morsels was about to hit the shelves, she asked if I’d feature it on Chipur. It was easy to happily commit.

Before we get to the book, a bit about Kyczy. Well, she’s been in recovery since 1985 and has been an active yoga practitioner, specializing in addiction recovery, for the past 10 years. Kyczy is the creator of S.O.A.R. (Success Over Addiction and Relapse), a certification program for yoga teachers who want to work with people in recovery and their families.

Kyczy is a certified Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) space holder. She teaches workshops and leads retreats using recovery and yoga principles to invite deeper self-understanding and compassion – key to holistic recovery. Kyczy is the author of the Central Recovery Press best-selling book Yoga and the Twelve Step Path. She writes and practices/teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hmmm, I’d say she’s qualified to deliver the goods.

Life in Bite-Sized Morsels: Learning to Live Life on Life’s Terms

Using yoga for addiction treatmentLet’s set the table for digging-in to the book. This is just huge. Kyczy turned to yoga as she was “falling apart from the inside out.” And, go figure, she’d been clean and sober for years. So in the midst of all but breaking-down, Kyczy strolled-in to a yoga studio and took her first live yoga classes.

Several years later, Kyczy said good-bye to a hectic job (she says, “the one that had defined me as ‘normal’ and ‘successful'”) and trained to become a yoga teacher. Her goal? Teaching yoga to those in recovery. And she continues the same good work.

Along the way, Kyczy developed S.O.A.R. and wrote Yoga and the Twelve Step Path. It was then she began blogging on what she calls “the intersection between yoga, recovery, and daily life.” And the essays in Life in Bite-Sized Morsels are based upon the pieces she posted on her blog.

You know, whenever I consider buying a book, I check-out its Table of Contents. How ’bout it for our featured book?

  • ETHICS, VALUES AND KARMA YOGA: On the Road to Knowing Right from Not-Right
  • DREAMS AND DHARMA: Awakening and Waking Up
  • MEDITATION AND THE BREATH: Looking Inside While Moving Outside
  • RECOVERY AND YOGA: A Powerful Blend Creating Strength, Balance and Flexibility On and Off the Mat
  • RESOURCES AND REVIEWS: Recovery, Rather Than the Pain of Active Addiction, Gratefully Makes Its Way Into the Culture
  • COMMUNITY AND CONFERENCES: Our Community Both Challenges and Sustains Us
  • FAMILY: Those Closest To Us Teach Us Most
  • EGO AND ACCEPTANCE: Learning to Discern the Big “E” from the Little “e”
  • CODEPENDENCE, BOUNDARIES AND BALANCE: Getting Grounded Grants Freedom
  • DEPRESSION, MOURNING AND HEALING: Both Sides of Disabling Emotions, Going In and Coming Out

Comprehensive as heck. And hopefully it’s obvious by now why I’m recommending Kyczy’s book. Just in case, I’ll slip in a small excerpt…

Yoga was the new skill to add to my recovery repertoire as mindful movement without goal. Exercise had been attractive, but its goals of weight loss, strength, distance or other measure became the focus, not the integration of body, mind and spirit. By contrast, yoga incorporated introspection, sensate movement, breath, and present-time awareness. And it broke me open. I felt feelings in a safe way with tools to knit myself back together – all in a single practice. I was using my body to get into my feelings and using my breath to heal my nervous system. I had found the holistic therapy for my holistic disease.

That’ll Do It

Be it providing assistance with managing a substance use disorder or a mood and anxiety situation, Chipur strives to bring you quality material.

Yes, Kyczy delivers the goods with Life in Bite-Sized Morsels. Check it out on amazon.

Oh, here’s the book’s Facebook page, as well as Kyczy’s website.

More Chipur titles? Look no further.

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