Life’s a Breeze. And I have some land for sale in The Bahamas.

Life is difficult. But, do I really need to tell you that? Or maybe I should ask, “What would any of us really expect?”

You know, so many in my line of work preach all things harmony and homeostasis. And not that I find anything wrong with that; I simply question how realistic it is. Not to mention, I would actually propose conflict (and its resolution) is good for us.

In the spirit of embracing personal crises, I put together a roster of management strategies to rely upon when the wolf of tough times knocks on your door. And,  believe me, these were born in  many white-knuckle encounters of my own. I hope you find them helpful…

  • Pause, breathe, and allow the adrenaline rush to subside before reacting (’cause you know you’ll regret it later if you don’t)
  • Take into account your history of misinterpretation and overreaction, and where it’s gotten you (nowhere)
  • Assure yourself you’ll ultimately survive (you’re here to face another zinger, aren’t you?)
  • Embrace the fact that it’s okay to be troubled
  • Understand conflict with resolution has a great upside
  • Take the whole mess within the context of building something great (you)
  • Don’t ruminate or fret over the issue
  • Think about whether the issue is really “the issue” (maybe it’s another issue’s camouflage)
  • Make a list of no more than three resolution strategies
  • Only approach the strategy you believe merits top billing (one thing at a time, okay?)
  • Maintain your current self-care regimen ( grooming, exercise, spirituality, relaxation, etc.)
  • Simply do the best you can and let the chips fall where they may (seriously, what else can you do but tear yourself up? precisely.)

So what do you think? Is there at least one item (I hope) you can bring to your life right now? Tell us about it, and put it into action, will ya’?