Light & Warmth

How to Prevent Depression

Don’t know where you are this Christmas. And I don’t know if you’re even into it. Could be you’ve been lying in bed with the covers over your head – internally begging for midnight (12/26).

The traditions and expectations of Christmas can significantly up the emotional ante. And how we manage – get by – is all in personal choice. After all, we’re the captains of our ships.

No matter the fullness (emptiness) of the cupboard, survival comes down to finding a foundational comfort. And if you ask me, it’s about light and warmth.

Perhaps you’ll realize more than just survival this Christmas Day. Regardless, possessing even the most modest amounts of light and warmth delivers the very essence of hope.

And that can take you a long way.

The purest of treasures are like that, you know. May you find them, and hold them forever…