Love Is the Answer (…always has been)

by | Feb 14, 2012

How do I live with depression

A man of convention I am not. But, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day – so why wouldn’t I want to bring you a message of love?

Especially in the midst of the most difficult of times,  I have always believed in the power of love.

Now, I know that can be one tough concept to embrace. But if we can somehow leave our hearts and minds open to it, it holds the potential to work wonders for us.

Maybe it’s been a while since you had the opportunity to experience and absorb the goodness of love. Still, I know this: participating in love – and that always means giving and receiving – is top-drawer stuff when it comes to feeling good.

Conversely, the absence of love can take one down to the depths of anguish and despair.

I only wish I had more chances to surround myself with love’s natural warmth. I’m not involved in a romantic relationship just now. And though I stay way too busy, there’s always the potential for finding myself in the midst of lonely times.

So that’s not all bad on occasion, but every so often it gets kind of old. And when I reconnect with, say, my children, so many of my cares, as well as the chill of emotional isolation, go right down the drain.

It’s the best being surrounded by people that you love, and who love you in return – unconditionally.

Go ahead – extend your hand and heart to someone and see if it doesn’t pull you out of yourself – not to mention make you feel extraordinarily special.

Truly open yourself to extending your love, and to be loved. Its warmth will provide incredible comfort, and I believe if one embraces love as a life priority, good things will just automatically begin to happen.

(cough, cough) Don’t forget to love and embrace one very worthy and special person – that would be you.

If you can’t truly love and care for yourself it’s going to be kind of tough to love and care for others. And from a recovery standpoint, what motivation is there for accomplishment if there’s no self-love? I’m just not convinced the full effort will be there if there’s no affection for self.

Okay, I know you may not believe there’s a whole lot to love when you look in the mirror or think about yourself. And given what you’ve likely been through I don’t suppose I blame you. But I do suppose I can hold you accountable for what you’re going to do about it, and it’s an accountability you must also apply to yourself.

Rest assured, you’re most worthy of receiving all the love in the world from yourself, as well as from those who want to send it your way.

Please accept it (and give it back).

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