May 2015 Be a Special Year of Renewal and Growth

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So 2015 is at hand. You may prefer to look at January 1st as just another day, each and every 24 hour frame blending together. But maybe you receive the first day of the new year as a time to get a fresh start, symbolically placing the past in your rear-view mirror.

How does it go for you? I mean, is January 1st just another day in the life (“I read the news today, oh boy.”)? Or do you find value in opening that brand-new calendar? For the record, I’m into the fresh start, rear-view mirror, new calendar approach.

Well, now that we have that established, please accept my wishes for a special 2015, brimming with renewal and growth. I’m thinkin’ you deserve it; however, it’s what you think that counts (and works for or against you).

Please know how much I appreciate your 2014 visits. And you can bet your bottom-dollar I’ll do all I can to earn your readership and participation throughout 2015.


  • Patricia Miller January 2, 2015, 9:58 pm

    Right back at you with the well wishes for an excellent 2015. There is something about the symmetry of the numbers in the year that feel optimistic to me and while that seems silly, I will take my optimism where I can find it. I like the beauty of a new year and the whole array of possibilities; there is hope in a new year.

    • Chipur January 2, 2015, 10:25 pm

      Your symmetry feel doesn’t come off silly to me at all, Patricia. I mean, whatever it takes to find – and keep – the groove works for me. So go on, have that great year – with all its hope going-in. Millions are going to enjoy 2015. Why not you, as well? Appreciate you…


  • npeden January 4, 2015, 1:12 pm

    Well, I posted on networked blogs but it has not shown up here yet. Here is to a good 2015. I initiated a lot of change in my life this last year, a lot with Bill’s encouragement. I hope to sustain this in the New Year and above all notice my states of being especially when I feel stress. Best to all.

    • Chipur January 4, 2015, 2:51 pm

      You know, it’s curious about NetworkedBlogs. It’s through NB that my articles make Chipur’s Facebook Fan Page, and that’s why I use it. Guess it would make sense one could post there in an effort to have it posted here – but dunno. Thinkin’ we’ll find out.

      Thanks for including my encouragement in the change you pulled off through 2014. Sure, I’ll take credit for it; however, I can offer all the encouragement in the world, and if it’s not received and acted upon – well, nothing happens. You received and acted, Nancy! Kudos to you. And so 2015 will be a time of nurturing that change, along with more renewal and growth.

      Thank you for your faithful visits and participation…