Merry Christmas! With a Poem of Inspiration

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And so we’ve come upon another Christmas. Not necessarily the most enjoyable time of the year for those living with depression and anxiety. Nonetheless, it’s here, and I’m hoping it’s all you need it to be.

Over the past 10 years I’ve written a poem on Christmas Day. I’d like to share one of inspiration I wrote in 2006, as I enjoyed our Christmas tree…

Simply Being

The tree stands strong
Sturdy and straight
In a posture of grace and glory

Modestly bright
Proud without assumption

Adornments behold pale to balance and symmetry
As it’s right and always was

Alone in its beauty
Amidst the quiet of renewal
And the stillness of feelings long believed gone
It remains

Branches reach hoping for the sun
Ever green and never changing

Only what it is
No more than what it was
Or ever will be

The intention of simply being

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Chipur readers and distance counseling clients! And may 2013 bring you warmth, comfort, healing, and satisfaction.