You may not celebrate Christmas. Because of disappointments, even trauma, you may hate it. But there’s still something to be said for a day intended to foster goodness, light, and hope.

Name your reasons, it’s been a brutal year. I suppose one could embrace bitterness and turn their back on anything having to do with goodness, light, and hope. But it’s time to heal. Time to take that golden path toward the sun. 

On this Christmas Day, I need to offer a special word for those having the roughest of times…

Dear friend: You may feel so badly that you’re in bed with the covers well over your head. But the spirit of goodness, light, and hope is intended for you as well. So amid your darkness, allow yourself a measure of fulfillment and joy. You’re deserving and not forgotten.

To all: Circumstances aside, why not work toward believing every day is a gift? And strive to make each moment the very best it can be.

Merry Christmas!

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