The Mind & Body Connection (I wasn’t aware of a separation???)

The interplay of the mind of body has always fascinated me. What fascinates me even more is their supposed separation.

I must have missed it. Were you aware that there’s a tissue, cartilage, or bone partition in the neck; separating the brain/mind from the rest of the body? I mean, I stay current on medical news, but that morsel must have gotten by me.

Okay, here’s the deal. This ongoing, stigma-fueled nonsense of a mind/body connection (which suggests a natural separation) needs to come to an end. It makes as much sense as inferring there’s a distinction between heart and body. Nobody does that (’cause there isn’t)!

Please comment or write me if you disagree; however, we have but one body no above/below the neck distinction. And it functions as a unit, its components working together for the greater good (and, at times, greater bad) of the individual.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – the inspiration for this piece evolved from two chipur articles published earlier in the week. The first was Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (not “pseudoseizures”), and the second, Conversion Disorder: Let’s Learn.

Both underscore how the mind and body are one. And for the purposes of this article, how our emotions naturally manifest physically.

Isn’t it interesting that the word emotion originates in the Latin, emovere – meaning to set in motion. Yes, e-motion. Doesn’t that suggest a natural oneness of mind and body?

Need some examples? We become frightened and our heart begins to race, we pump adrenaline, and stiffen-up. We feel something terribly uncomfortable in our chest and we become frightened. We get angry and our neck tightens, we may attack, and we tremble. That danged sore toe won’t stop hurting and we become angry. We feel joy and smile or reach-out for a hug. The pain in that danged toe subsides and we feel joy. We’re sad and we sense a lump in our throat or cry. Our thyroid hormone levels become unstable and suddenly we’re sad.

I believe we become healthier when we adopt a concept of body oneness, and forget this notion of a supposed separation – suggested by any discussion of a mind and body connection. And as it applies to emotion, oneness is a two-way phenomenon – emotion expressed physically, as well as the physical expressed emotionally.

It’s all about a wonderful interaction of components, working as a team for the comfort and survival of the individual.

As always, we’d all enjoy, and benefit from, your comments.

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