Gonna’ Stop Your Antidepressant? Plan! (or else)

So you’ve decided to discontinue your antidepressant. Congratulations! But learning what you have from the previous two posts, you know you need to do some planning.

Well, let’s start with some great advice from chipur reader, Lacey…

I would recommend not going off medication when you have something out of the ordinarily stressful going on, either good or bad. Your wedding day or when your dreaded relative comes to visit is not a good time to make drastic med changes. Make sure you have lots of time for some good ole self-care and pay attention to what is going on with you physically and/or mentally. Taking a day off may not be a bad idea. If you are tapering off medication due to positive recovery, I highly recommend finding a way to celebrate!

Here are some other suggestions…

  • Choose a starting date
  • Work with your physician on a “taper-off” schedule, as well as recommendations for supplements to ease any discomfort
  • Educate yourself regarding what to expect and why it occurs
  • Stay connected with your counselor so you can proactively manage any return or intensification of symptoms
  • Maintain a support network, online and off
  • Learn and practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Exercise
  • Eat in a healthy manner
  • Journal

Oh yes, for reference sake, here are links to the first and second posts in the series.

So that does it for our series on antidepressant withdrawal, a.k.a. antidepressant discontinuation syndrome (ADS). We’d like you to share anything else that’s on your mind?