Mood, Anxiety, and Weight Gain: “Why is this happening to me?”

This article’s been a long time coming. Yes, I’ve been mulling over a piece on the interplay of the mood and anxiety disorders, obesity, and excessive weight for some time.

And as I finally got down to business, and conducted my research, I found so many interesting and helpful things to share – so I decided to make it a two-part affair. Today we’ll address depression; and tomorrow we’ll discuss anxiety and bipolar disorder – as well as some chipur tipurs.

Okay, the cat’s out of the bag – this country is experiencing a major weight problem. And we’re not just talking obesity, as that only addresses folks who exceed their ideal body weight by 20%. So being simply “overweight” is an issue, as well.

Well, being overweight or obese is tough enough; however, when you add that to what someone enduring depression already deals with, life can become incredibly unpleasant.

But wait a minute! Maybe I should say being depressed is bad enough; however, when you add that to what someone enduring obesity already deals with, life can become incredibly unpleasant.

Kind of seems like the old “chicken or the egg” question, doesn’t it? But does it really matter what came first? I mean, if you ask me; being overweight or obese would likely make me depressed, just as being depressed may lead to me becoming overweight – even obese.

Let’s not forget the reality that most all antidepressants and atypical antipsychotics generate weight gain. And we know pounding comfort foods, a natural for anyone enduring depression, often leads to blood sugar and insulin cycling, the secretion of cortisol, and an accumulation of belly fat.

Well, to make it all very official, Dr. Floriana S. Luppino, of the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, told Reuters Health…

“There is a reciprocal association over time between depression and obesity.”

Luppino and her research crew found that obesity increases the risk of depression in initially non-depressed folks by 55%. And depression increases the risk of obesity in initially “normal” weight folks by 58%.

And we’re talking full criteria for a major depressive episode here, not just depressive symptoms.

But how ’bout this – according to Luppino’s study, being overweight (not obese) increased the likelihood of depression ever so slightly; and depression did not increase the risk of being overweight.

Well, much more to come. Again, this is a two-part series; and tomorrow we’ll discuss weight issues and anxiety, as well as bipolar disorder. And we’ll wrap it all up with some super-helpful chipur tipurs.

Here’s a link to part-two. You won’t want to miss it!

As always, chipur readers, we all learn and grow as we share. Won’t you offer a comment or two?

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