Mother Teresa: A Wonderful Video Interview

So it’s the desert island question. If I had to name three people with whom I’d want to be stranded, Mother Teresa is right there at the top of the list. By the way, who would be your choices?

I love learning about extraordinary people. And, of course, writing about them – sharing – is the frosting on the cake.

Is there a reason I chose to write about Mother Teresa today? Nope. Was just thinking about her, did some digging, and wanted to pass the info on. Even tossed-in a video.

Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojahiu, in what is today The Republic of Macedonia. And isn’t it appropriate that the English translation of the Albanian, Gonxha, is “rosebud.” She later became a citizen of India.

I’d like to share an interview (in two parts) she granted in 1996, one year before she died at the age of 87. I find it uplifting and inspiring, as I hope you will.

One quick note. Being a Roman Catholic nun, Mother Teresa’s perspective was grounded in her Christian faith. But it wouldn’t matter to me if she were a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist. I connect with her heart and willingness to take action.

Enjoy being incredibly close to this wonderful human being…