Noses in the Dirt?

Self-esteem is a huge factor in panic attack and anxiety recovery. After all of the suffering, frustration, anger, shame, guilt, criticism, defeats, and avoidance to which we subject ourselves; is it any wonder we’re self-esteem bottom feeders?

Trust me, as a recovered panic and anxiety sufferer, I know how difficult it is to muster up significant amounts of positive self-regard.

Now, this self-esteem business is a two-headed monster for us. As I just said, our psychological and emotional junk greatly contribute to our issues of self-regard, and these very same issues make us more susceptible to panic, anxiety, and other psychological and emotional goodies.

Only when we come to understand that we’ve created our circumstances do we find the power to change them. As always, it’s insight and thought adjustment that bring us to a change in behavior.

By any measure this process is never easy and we may not always have the instruction manual in our back pocket (most of us don’t read them anyway); but in this particular case, if matters of poor self-regard aren’t examined and turned around we’ll be relegated to a life of second-best and absent fulfillment.

I don’t think I need to remind you of how quickly low self-esteem can spread like a wildfire into all aspects of our lives, making our anxiety presentations worse than they have to be. How difficult it is for one to face the world with these clouds already above them. But when you add the burden of rock-bottom self-esteem, the storms can become much more frequent and violent.

Let’s consider these words from Ralph Waldo Emerson…
“Man is what he thinks all day long.”

How very true that statement is. And be assured, we end up walking around with our noses in the dirt in a manifestation of our perceived personal reality and value. Indeed, in our minds we are “…what we think all day long.” Zippo.

Now, if we can acknowledge, right now, that we’re tragically low in self-esteem we can rejoice in knowing our future is truly limitless; because the table was just set for repair work – if we choose to do it.

And the big paycheck comes when our on-the-mend self-esteem begins to foster quick and dramatic results with regard to our disorder and everyday being.

I urge you to frequently and thoughtfully focus upon issues of positive self-esteem. How awesome the payout.

What steps can you take toward bolstering your self-esteem today?