Damn! It was a curve…

Life is full of curve balls, to be sure. (I’m hoping you may be into baseball – even a little?). And just as we’re standing in the batter’s box with two strikes, absolutely sure a fast ball is coming right down the middle – damn – it’s a curve. So we swing and miss, and it’s back to the dugout we go.

Of course, as we stroll back to the dugout it’d be a good idea to remind ourselves that even the best of hitters only hit safely a little less than one-out-of-three times.

Therese Borchard operates one of my favorite blogs, Beyond Blue. I’ve written about her before, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have written a guest post for Therese. So I receive my RSS feed from Beyond Blue yesterday and linked to a deeply moving post. Therese, in a very brave and forthright manner, revealed her most recent book wasn’t such a hot seller and, well, her publisher sent her to the clubhouse.

I’m linking to that post here, first of all, because it’s simply a well-written, straight-from-the-heart, and inspirational piece; worthy of your reading. But I’m also encouraging each of you to support Therese, as she lays back a bit and decides what to do next.

Nothing else to say here, except we’re all in this together. Oh – and I know, in time, Therese will find another means of outreach, in addition to Beyond Blue.