Our Mental and Emotional Trash: Life Itself?

I would be willing to wager your life is in a considerable state of disarray. I mean, I don’t think that’s a “stop the presses” revelation, as such life circumstances are fairly common amongst panic and anxiety sufferers. Seems we always have several crises going on at the same time. Am I right?

Let’s see, that could include family issues, relational issues, financial issues, work issues, school issues, emotional issues, psychological issues, mental issues, physical issues, legal issues, issue issues, and so on. Sound familiar? And before we know it, this “issueitis” whips us into a huge state of alarm and frenzy, and we all too quickly become absolutely overwhelmed by it.

And now instead of dealing with a manageable load of stuff life throws at anyone, we find ourselves in the midst of hell on earth; convinced our circumstances will shut us down at any moment. However, the truth of the matter is we rely upon being overwhelmed for identity and some sort of justification for life. That said, not only will we not shut down, our present circumstances aren’t going to change anytime soon. Ouch, right?

Creating and sustaining emotional and mental clutter is the perfect diversion strategy for someone experiencing huge amounts of inner pain. The collection of trash very nicely holds our attention and keeps us from looking at, and dealing with, our pathological miseries and the seeming ridiculousness of our existence. Yes, I’m saying our worlds would be a lot less tolerable without our emotional and mental disorganization.

We have to make it our business to put the brakes on this unfortunate manner of living. And I believe the very first step toward that accomplishment is developing sufficient insight, allowing us to grasp the concept and apply it to our lives. Only then will we have a shot at doing something about it. Like I always say, why would anyone want to do anything about something they don’t believe exists?

Then it’s time to begin working toward more realistic and productive self and life management. I refer to the process of taking our pile of personal issues and separating them for processing and prioritized action as S.P.A.: Separate, Process, Action. I suppose you could say I’m suggesting a day at the S.P.A.

By taking prioritized action you’ll be dealing with your separated and processed issues in order of their potential impact on your life. In other words, first deal with the issue causing the most immediate distress and move on down the pole from there. If you have a significant line-up of fires to extinguish, I would suggest making it your goal to turn the hose on just one per day.

Now, if you’re really in a jam I suppose you could justify hosing-down another issue after you’ve finished your work on its predecessor on your priority list. Just be careful, as you don’t won’t to revert to your traditional life perspective and method of management.

Please give this concept some thought and trial. But, it must be implemented within the context of understanding your propensity to trash-up your life in an effort to avoid facing the emotionally and mentally painful and obvious.

One final thought here. As you begin to knock-out your prioritized issues, before you nod off at night, take the time to ask yourself if you’re better off than you were the night before. If the answer is yes, you’re going to feel a great sense of accomplishment and relief. If it’s no, you’ll be able to gain some perspective on the work that needs to be done.