This is your brain…on a pogo stick. Depression

Anyone who’s suffered from any degree of depression will tell you it’s an awful experience. And the foundation of one’s depression can be either endogenous (biologically driven) or exogenous (situational), or both.

This is your brain…on a pogo stick. Bipolarity

By the way, anxiety is very much in the picture when it comes to the bipolar disorders. It can certainly present as a symptom, and can bolster the misdiagnosis of some level of mania.

This is your brain…on a pogo stick.

The anxiety disorders fascinate me. So do the mood disorders. And given the fact that so many of us suffer from both, I’ve decided to place a lot more emphasis on the mood disorders as we move forward with the blog.

Anxiety & Depression. Badabing Badaboom.

When we consider the dynamics of anxiety and depression, can depression actually be generated by anxiety? Can anxiety be triggered by depression? Since anxiety and depression share much of the same neurochemistry, is it possible that they present independently of each other?