Noses in the Dirt?

Now, this self-esteem business is a two-headed monster for us. As I just said, our psychological and emotional junk greatly contribute to our issues of self-regard, and these very same issues make us more susceptible to panic, anxiety, and other psychological and emotional goodies.

Give Up My Most Prized Possession? No way!

We won’t reap the richest rewards in this life until we’re ready to sacrifice the one thing meaning the very most to us. And the ongoing need to control every aspect of everything that could possibly touch our lives is right there at the top of the old prized-possession list.

Has Your Thyroid Taken You Hostage?

Indeed, once a thyroid disease sufferer is properly treated, many are completely cured of their anxiety and panic. So, obviously, the relationship between thyroid disease and panic merits huge consideration as attempts are made to account for the presence of panic attacks.

REBT Grandfathered CBT. OMG! Part 2

I’ve always liked REBT. It’s very compact, making it easy to remember and use. And it’s a panic and anxiety intervention you can bring to your life right now, even without the assistance of a therapist.

REBT Grandfathered CBT. OMG! Part 1

REBT was developed in the mid-1950’s by clinical psychologist, Albert Ellis, who many consider the grandfather of CBT.