Teenage Suicide: Some Hopeful News

Teenage suicide is an awful problem. Suicide is the third leading killer of youth aged 15-24. Something surely needs to be done, and here’s some research that helps.

Understanding the Anxious Mind: A Recap of a Great Article

As much as we may not like it, we come by our anxiety quite honestly. There’s a little something known as temperament that deals the cards. But it’s still up to us to play the hand. Summary of a great New York Times Magazine article.

Your Children May Suffer From Panic and Anxiety. Got the Guilts?

I have two wonderful teenage children and I love them very much. Over the years, I’ve pondered how my panic attack and anxiety-generating genes would one day impact them. Yes, would my children struggle as I did? You know, isn’t it odd that as much as I had nothing to do with my genetic composition, [...]