Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Anger: The Dynamics of Defense (Part 1)

I’d like to discuss anger’s role in the generation and sustenance of panic attacks and anxiety. To give the matter its due, I’ve decided to present the information in two parts. In this edition, part one, we’ll review what anger is in the eyes of the psychoanalysts and cognitivists. And in part two we’ll have [...]

Kindling: Building an Emotional & Mental Fire

So, as a result of being chronically overworked, these systems become super-sensitive and super-reactive to stress. And as the years go by, any exposure to stress, even in what would seem to be tolerable measures, only serves to agitate and exacerbate this already hypersensitive and exhausted stress response.

My Mother Died Yesterday

Well, then. My mother was a great woman in all ways. Her intelligence, compassion, and grace were truly remarkable. Yes, she was very much the genteel and refined woman her southern parents raised her to be.