Understanding the Anxious Mind: A Recap of a Great Article

As much as we may not like it, we come by our anxiety quite honestly. There’s a little something known as temperament that deals the cards. But it’s still up to us to play the hand. Summary of a great New York Times Magazine article.

Your Children May Suffer From Panic and Anxiety. Got the Guilts?

I have two wonderful teenage children and I love them very much. Over the years, I’ve pondered how my panic attack and anxiety-generating genes would one day impact them. Yes, would my children struggle as I did? You know, isn’t it odd that as much as I had nothing to do with my genetic composition, [...]

Our Mental and Emotional Trash: Life Itself?

I would be willing to wager your life is in a considerable state of disarray. I mean, I don’t think that’s a “stop the presses” revelation, as such life circumstances are fairly common amongst panic and anxiety sufferers. Seems we always have several crises going on at the same time. Am I right? Let’s see, [...]

Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, Spatial Orientation: Perception is Everything

Raise your hand if you’ve ever endured agoraphobia. Well, my arm’s extended upward. I can recall being all but housebound because of it in the early 1980’s. And if I did venture out it was with a few drinks under my belt, a few beers in the car, and about ten cigarettes in my mouth. [...]

HPA Axis and Panic/Anxiety…

Well, buckle those seat belts tight, ‘cause I’m bringing you some pretty heady stuff here. But, we’ll get through it together just fine. I want to discuss something known as the HPA axis. This physiological interrelationship is of major importance to panic sufferers, so I’m going to get into a good bit of detail. The [...]