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The Neurobiology of OCD: Some Slick & Hopeful Detective Work

what causes ocd

You can’t fix something if you don’t know how it works. Cars, clogged drains, a bad back, emotional/mental health disorders: it’s just a fact of life. OCD is a complicated illness that deserves a fix. And though its workings are complicated, there’s a lot of slick and hopeful detective work going-on. Like this…

11 Things to Do When Life Gets Flaming Hot (E/M First Aid)

how to manage stress

We both know it isn’t a matter of if, but when. Life can get flaming hot, especially for someone already trying to manage a mood or anxiety disorder. So what are we to do amid the flames? Here are eleven heat-tested emotional/mental first aid techniques…

Life in the Mood & Anxiety Disorder Neck of the Woods: Making Sense of It All

how do i manage my depression

Living with a mood and/or anxiety disorder can be dicey business. A typical day is spent wrestling with symptoms and their fallout, on top of everything else required of us. Is it any wonder we don’t pause and try to make sense of our disorder-dominated lives? But it’s something we really need to do..

Groundbreaking High-Tech Strategies to Guide Depression Treatment

new treatments for depression

There is no cure for depression. Heck, we don’t even have remedies that work for the majority of sufferers, the majority of the time. But we can’t throw up our arms in resignation. I mean, check-out these exciting high-tech treatment developments from UT Southwestern…

Bipolar Disorder: The Meds Scoop from 2019 (Part 2)

new meds for bipolar disorder

Any mood or anxiety disorder sufferer I’ve ever known has had a keen interest in meds. Makes sense. Though certainly not intended to be a stand-alone remedy, they can have the quickest impact. Last week we began a discussion of the bipolar meds scoop from 2019. Let’s continue, and wrap it up…