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Anxiety: It Can Be Different in Men

what are the symptoms of anxiety

As if trying to nail a mood or anxiety disorder diagnosis isn’t hard enough, there’s the male/female of it all. For instance, anxiety can look different in men. And not only is that crucial for guys to know, it’s important for those in relationship with them. Tap-in and let’s see what we can see…

Stigma! Yep, Even in the Doctor’s Office: A Personal Guest Post

can my family doctor treat my depression

Anyone enduring an emotional or mental health disorder can share multiple examples of stigma cutting them to the bone. And it’s not just expressions of stigma, as the fear of bumping into it can be just as devastating. Tap-in for Molly’s personal guest post…

How many times have you asked, “Is it the meds…or me?”

are meds for depression harmful

Feeling well, even just better, is the goal for any mood or anxiety disorder sufferer I’ve ever known. Meds, therapy, lifestyle changes, hard work – whatever it takes. But when we’re doing so many of the right things and happen to be using meds, what often gets the credit when we begin to feel better?

Kratom: What & Why You Need to Know

is kratom bad for you

Over the past few years the popularity of kratom has boomed. It’s being used for pain relief, opioid use disorder, health and wellness, and recreation. But what is kratom? Have you heard of it? And what does someone enduring a mood or anxiety disorder need to know? Tap-in and let’s take a look…

Anxiety! 4 Gargantuan Intervention Points

creative ways to treat anxiety

Anxiety, intervention, management: If you asked someone struggling with the “Big A,” they’d likely say those words don’t go well together – especially management. Having been there for decades I assure you the words are a legitimate triumvirate. Tap-in and let’s get after it…