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Do We Have Free Will When Living with an Emotional or Mental Disorder?

do i have a choice to be mentally ill

Now and then I wonder if I have any choices at all when it comes to the impact of my emotional and mental circumstances upon my life. I suppose it really comes down to the concept of free will. I mean, do we have it? Come along with me on this necessary chat. I hope you’ll find it thought-provoking… 

Relaxation-Induced Anxiety: What & Why You Need to Know

why can’t i relax

“My therapist keeps telling me to do relaxing things like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness exercises. Why doesn’t she believe me when I tell her they make my anxiety worse?” I’m sure your therapist isn’t trying to be a meanie, but show her this article next session. Relaxation-induced anxiety is the real deal…

Panic Attacks! The Breathing & Hyperventilating Relief Angle

does hyperventilating cause panic attacks

If you’ve ever had one (or thousands), you know panic attacks are out-of-body scary. When they consumed my life decades ago, I wanted to learn all I could about them, especially their cause. I came across something very interesting and helpful that remains valid and valuable to this very day. Let’s roll up our sleeves…

10 Living with a Mood or Anxiety Disorder Nuggets from a Seasoned Manager

how do you live with depression

It was forty-six years ago, but I remember the onslaught of my anxiety symptoms as though it was this morning. And so began the quest for wisdom, seeking-out anyone who was managing – enjoying – their life in the face of their panic and anxiety. Perhaps I can now lend you a hand…

Tinnitus! Understanding the Psych Connections

how to make tinnitus go away

The non-stop ringing, buzzing, and pulsating in your ears. No matter what you do it doesn’t go away. And when you figure out it’s internal noise, so blocking your ears doesn’t work, you wonder if you’ll go mad. Tinnitus: the gift that keeps on giving. By the way, did you know there’s a psych connection at play?