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Sugar & Depression: Nothing Like a Little Holiday Cheer

natural ways to treat depression

Don’t know about you, but those cupcakes look pretty good to me. Thing is, knockin’ a few down when we’re feeling anxious or low can take us to nirvana. But then there’s the other thing: it could be a set-up for a go with depression. Looking for some holiday cheer? Keep up the search… 

Gaslighting: 11 Cruel & Power Grabbing Techniques

he is driving me insane

Those who would try to control and hurt us can be so cunning in their cruel power grabs. An especially horrifying tactic is gaslighting. Since it may be at play during the festivities, I’d like to lay it on the holiday table (next to the fruitcake)…

‘Tis the Season, Right?: Exploring Dual Diagnosis

feeling depressed at christmas

Any time is right to explore dual diagnosis, but it’s such a great fit for the holiday season. Lord knows the number of times I dosed my anxiety with alcohol all those years ago. Hey, you may be numbing-up now. So what say we toss some things on the wall and see what sticks. Good?

The Holidays Are Here! (And you may feel like gagging.)

depression is worse at christmas

Heck, even the kid’s gagging. And she’ll probably have all sorts of presents tossed her way between now and December 31. I’m telling you, this can be the wackiest time of the year. And if you think you’re oversensitive or strange because of a hyperactive gag reflex, you’re all kinds of wrong…