What happened to kindness?

what happened to kindness

Random acts or otherwise, what happened to kindness? Seems like there isn’t as much of it around anymore. Could it be that we miscalculate just how good it makes others feel? Let’s take a look…

When your world falls to pieces

when your world falls to pieces

When your world falls to pieces. That’s one tough spot to be in. And no matter how smart and resourceful you are, it takes some doing to put it back together. Yes, it can be done. Let’s talk…

Subtle ways to ask someone twice if they’re fine

emotional and mental disorders

We all know the drill. Someone asks how someone’s doing, the obligatory “I’m fine.” is returned, and the parties move on. But in the world of the emotional and mental disorders, that won’t cut it.

Dr. Benjamin Rush: America’s first psychiatrist

who was Dr. Benjamin Rush

History: a prodigious collection of icons, knowledge, and lessons. And there are thousands of gems to mine. Perhaps you’ll be enlightened and inspired when you get to know Dr. Benjamin Rush, America’s first psychiatrist.

“I just want to be happy. Is that asking for too much?”

i want to be happy again

No, it’s not. Happiness has been the holy grail since humans first took a breath. You obviously know how tough it is to come by, but don’t give up. Just make sure you’re looking for the right thing in the right place.