Fantasy: Won’t cost you a dime

how do you visualize

Fantasy Football, Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy: millions of people crave fantasy, and they’re coughing up large dough for satisfaction. Are you longing for a little yourself? Here’s an angle that won’t cost you a dime…

Postpartum Depression: What you need to know

symptoms of postpartum depression

You were in paradise when you first held your daughter. She was perfect and all was right with the world. But two weeks later sunshine turned to darkness and all became very wrong. You’re lost and scared.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: July 16

why am I in crisis

When we’re experiencing an emotional or mental crisis, we need to be able to access the help we deserve quickly and easily. And the crisis counselor and resources have to be spot-on. 988 is a go on July 16.

Morning depression: What you need to know

why am I depressed in the morning

It’s gotta’ stop. Not only are you waking up two hours before you want to, you can barely get out of bed when the time is right. And the depression is scary dark. Yeah, that’s enough.

The chickens always come home to roost

I can’t stop being depressed

The chickens always come home to roost. It’s one of life’s great truisms. And it’s important that those of us living in the mood and anxiety disorder neck of the woods pay heed.