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Fragmented Sleep: What It Is and Why You Want It to Stop

why can’t i sleep with depression

The primary manifestations of a mood or anxiety disorder are enough to knock us on our keisters. But then there are what I call “back-page” symptoms. You may not find them in DSM-5 criteria, but they add a very bitter frosting on the affect and anxiety cake. One of these is fragmented sleep, so tap-in and let’s see what we can see…

Antidepressants & Sleep: Not Always the Best of Friends. What Now?

are antidepressants bad for sleep

So you’ve been on that new antidepressant for a few weeks and you’re starting to feel some relief. But all of the sudden you’re having problems with sleep. And you freak because no one gave you a heads-up. True, antidepressants and sleep aren’t always the best of friends. What now?

Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Mental Health Landscape

What is the future of mental health treatment

The state of mood and anxiety disorder diagnosis and treatment sure isn’t anything to write home about. I know, most emotional and mental health practitioners do the best they can with what they have; however, even they’ll admit it isn’t nearly enough. Good news is there’s a lot cookin’ in the background that’s changing the landscape. Let’s talk artificial intelligence…

“In a Perfect World”: What Would Yours Tell You About…You?

how to live with depression

“In a perfect world:” an observation often made to acknowledge the deficiencies and challenges of a difficult present situation. Eh, forget that it’s frequently offered in a snarky manner. The concept’s a great fit here because it’s going to tell you a lot about you and open the door to coping techniques. So tap-in and let’s get busy…