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When Was the Last Time You Touched Someone? Do You Miss It?

is social distancing necessary

We’re human beings, and we have basic needs. I believe one of them is social interaction, which often includes touch. We have a major problem: we’re living in separated times. Seriously, how long has it been since you touched someone? Do you miss it?

Fatigue: Why Are You So Worn-Out?

how to treat fatigue

It’s all you can do to put one foot in front of the other – even maintain upright posture. Heck, you barely have the energy to think. You’re worried and looking for resources, ’cause you have no idea as to what’s going-on. What say we learn about fatigue?

6 Reasons Change Can Be Really Hard

coronavirus changes

Change is upon us, with more to come. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Still – good, bad, in-between – mood and anxiety disorder sufferers often struggle with change. Yep, change can be really hard. Why is that?

12 Ridiculously Silly Things to Do If You’re Going Nuts at Home

staying at home is driving me crazy

Come on, you have to be feeling it. Being stuck at home, especially by order, can be cruel and unusual punishment. Try as we may to keep ourselves busy with work, creative projects – whatever – limits get reached. So here are 12 ridiculously silly things we can turn to 24/7…

11 Ways to Manage Your Biological Clock During Stressful Times

covid-19 emotional distress

Things have been just a tad stressful lately, wouldn’t you say? Seems a certain pandemic has wreaked havoc on our lives, and so many things just aren’t the same. That includes our personal rhythms and routines. And here are 11 ways we can minimize damage…