12 things to think about when you want to change your meds

i need a meds change

It’s a crapshoot. And if you’re taking meds for your mood or anxiety disorder, you know just what I’m talking about. You also know this game of chance is the primary reason you even have to think about changing meds. Let’s talk it over…

Frozen in symptoms? Come on, roll the bones.

what are the symptoms of depression

Holed up in her comfort zone, frozen in symptoms, Kim devised her strategy. She’d go ahead and venture out once she was 90% symptom-free. “Yeah, that should do it.” That was a year ago. She hasn’t gone anywhere.

Sleep Debt: What it is and why it’s dangerous | Part 2

do i have sleep debt

Sleep: most of the reading and talk are about lack of it, too much, how much, how to, and what to take. Not a lot out there on the accumulated effects – dangers – of not getting enough. Let’s talk about sleep debt…

Sleep Debt: What it is and why it’s dangerous

do i have sleep debt

The captain and crew had no idea as to what had finally caught up with them. The flight went smoothly, until it was time to approach the airport. Sure, it was a tricky landing, but nothing they couldn’t handle. Or so they thought…