Merry Christmas!

i want to like christmas

You may not celebrate Christmas. Because of disappointments, even trauma, you may hate it. But there’s still something to be said for a day intended to foster goodness, light, and hope.

The greatest gift of all: Life

depressed at christmas

With its emphasis on the material, the holiday season can be so superficial. Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for gift-giving. But for me, it’s the thought – the meaning – that counts. This year, perhaps it’s time to ponder the greatest gift of all…

Vestibular disorders, anxiety, and depression: What you need to know

dizziness and anxiety

The mood and anxiety disorders are baffling in so many ways. What causes them is just one of the mysteries. Speaking of which, how ’bout we discuss the role of vestibular disorders in anxiety and depression? I think you’ll find this interesting and helpful…

Great News! Chipur’s Personal Consulting Service Is Up and Running

help for depression

You need advice and encouragement – right now. “If only I could talk with an emotional/mental health expert who’s actually been there,” you say in frustration. You can. The great news is Chipur’s Personal Consulting Service is up and running…

Tinnitus: What you need to know about the psych connection

tinnitus and psychiatric disorders

The non-stop ringing, buzzing, and pulsating in your ears. No matter what you do it doesn’t go away. You even wonder if you’ll go mad. Tinnitus: the gift that keeps on giving. By the way, did you know there are psych connections? Let’s explore…