Panic Attacks & Interpretation: Powerful Hope

The brain is an amazing thing. But as sophisticated as it is, let’s always keep in mind it so often does exactly what we tell it to do. And that brings us power and hope.

I’d like to share two concepts I came up with that will bring us help as we strive to knock-out panic attacks. For that matter, they’ll be of great assistance with any of our anxiety and mood-driven misery.

Interpreaction reminds us that interpretation always drives reaction. And interpreversal emphasizes that if interpretation can create a negative reaction, it only stands to reason it must also hold the power to reverse the reaction to a positive.

Do these make sense to you? Well, let’s go into a bit more detail.

The Mechanics

Interpreaction is actually a double-edged sword because it ensures us of defensive, panicky, and self-destructive reactions if we interpret stimuli as being threatening. Conversely, interpreaction ensures us of managed, calm, and insightful reactions if we interpret stimuli as non-threatening.

Interpreversal takes us to the next level of recovery, as it gives us confidence in knowing that just as we’ve traditionally created our distress, it only stands to reason we can reverse these warped patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior.

And the best part about interpreaction and interpreversal is – and never forget it – they bang home the point that we have the authority and ability to manage reactions to anything our minds and bodies may throw our way.

Now that’s power, because it means we can totally side-step panic attacks, agoraphobia, derealization, depersonalization, social anxiety, you name it.

How could that not be true?

Training & Discipline

But, to make interpreaction and interpreversal work for us we have to train and discipline ourselves to accurately interpret stimuli within seconds of their occurrence, maintaining our edge until the impulse to react in desperation subsides.

And we also have to believe in the good-common-sense principle that if our interpretations can create negative reactions, they must have the ability to create positive reactions.

Now, the time it takes to fend off overreacting to a negative interpretation varies for each of us. However, with practice and success it can only decrease.

See, we just need to force ourselves to pause for a short bit of time after a panic trigger. Yes, we need to stop everything because our fear circuitry is trying to figure out how best to respond to the potential threat. So, now is the time to take a few abdominal breaths and chill, as the reality of our situation becomes clear.

It’s here where we can ultimately determine what’s truly going on, putting an end to our self-defeating thought processing and reaction patterns.

You know, since we’ve suffered for so long, we’re so used to blindly receiving and accepting all of the negative and destructive little gems our minds and bodies throw our way. Well, I believe it’s time we stood up for ourselves and fought back. Don’t you agree?

Surely, if faulty interpretation can so easily generate disasters, why can’t reasoned and accurate interpretation flip things around? Well it can. And we have the authority and ability to make it all happen.