Personal Consulting Service: Reach-out for help

help for depression

It’s easy to get lost in this crazy old world. When it happens, we don’t know which way to go or who to turn to. We freeze. If this rings true for you right now, perhaps you’d like to initiate the thaw. Consider my personal consulting service. Reach-out for help…

Between my personal and professional history, I’ve experienced and seen a whole lot of mind-misery. That makes me a valuable help resource.

Life can take us to the most remote part of the woods and just plop us down. No map, no compass – nobody. Suddenly we’re lost, desperate, and frozen.

The calamity isn’t uncommon for those doing their best to manage a mood or anxiety disorder. Maybe you’re in the midst right now.

Are you?

If so, I’m offering help. But you’ll have to reach-out to get it.

A little personal background

help for depression

Bill White, MS

Now in my mid-60s, I’ve been dealing with mood and anxiety woes since I was a kid. I’ll even throw in a nasty alcohol habit I kicked 36 years ago. There isn’t much in the way of symptoms and fallout I haven’t experienced.

But you know what? I rose above it all, learning to accept and manage.

There’s another bit of personal background you need to know. I’ve worked in the emotional/mental health field for the past 18 years as a mentor, counselor, ER assessment and referral specialist, case manager, blogger, and writer.

Between my personal and professional history, I’ve experienced and seen a whole lot of mind-misery.

That makes me a valuable help resource.

Personal consulting service

You can have access to what I’ve learned about the mood and anxiety disorders – life itself.¬†Together, we can initiate the thaw.

Via phone, the video service of your choice, or email, we’ll chat about anything you’d like. For instance…

  • “What’s your take on my circumstances?”
  • “Is there hope for me?”
  • “Am I missing something?”
  • “What are my treatment options?”
  • “What do you think about my current treatment plan?”
  • “How do I find providers?”
  • “What are my next steps?”
  • “Do you have any words of encouragement and inspiration?”

But keep in mind, this isn’t therapy or counseling – it’s strictly consulting. You’re the CEO, I’m the consultant.

For reference purposes, I’d like you to read some of the kind things readers have said about Chipur. You’ll also see some awards. It’s all there on the Testimonials & Awards page.

Finally, as with any worthy consulting service, there’s a fee: $75 for 50 minutes. I use PayPal. Before we begin, I’ll ask you to sign a document stating you understand the service and agree to participate.

Reach-out for help

No doubt, it’s easy to get lost in this crazy old world. No map, no compass – nobody. Frozen. If you’re ready to initiate the thaw, I’m ready to help. Reach-out by dropping me a line.

I think you’ll be glad you did.

The lawyers say I need to add the following. But even if they didn’t, it’s a good idea to lay it on the table…

The service rendered presents the opinion and experience of Bill White, MS (Provider), not psychotherapy or professional counseling. The Provider does not intend to render and/or replace professional psychological, psychiatric, or medical counsel. Furthermore, the Provider strongly recommends the services of a licensed emotional/mental health and/or medical professional.

The Provider disclaims any personal liability for loss, illness, or risk incurred as a result of the use and application, directly or indirectly, of any advice, information, or methods presented in this service.

Got it?