A Wish And A Prayer…

Thanks for stopping by chipur on this first weekend of Autumn 2010. Just a short piece today. And it’s one of hope and encouragement. Okay, so I included one of my poems.

By the way, what brings you here today? You know, I always wonder why folks visit chipur – though I’m sure glad all of you do. Who knows – maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you’re looking for a specific piece of information. Or maybe you’re feeling great and just want to share.

No matter – you’re here and that’s all that counts. So here’s a poem I wrote that I really believe will give you that warm and toasty feeling. I hope you enjoy it.

A Wish And A Prayer

If I could make a wish for you
The sweetest of your dreams
Come true

Alone  at night
And deep in prayer
Only that you know I’m there

Matter not the troubled past
The howling winds
And darkness cast

For morning’s nigh
The golden dawn
All you’ve ever dreamed upon

Boundless love shall heal all pain
A gentle force to dry the rain
It waits for you and has no cost
Holding fast
The dark
The lost

To love thyself the noble cause
Forgiving self the wrong that was
No greater task for one to meet
The battle won the victory sweet

And so my dear a wish for you
All your sweetest dreams
Come true

Alone at night
And still in prayer
My warmest love

My deepest care

Enjoy your Friday – your entire weekend, for that matter. All of us will be here for you!