Procrastination “JUST…GET…BUSY!”

Yesterday we began our two part series on procrastination, talking about its roots and how much misery it causes. Well, let’s wrap things up today by swirling around what we can do about it. Okay? (of course, we could still wait and talk about it next week…no, no, no!)

Here’s a 10 step road map I believe will start you on your way toward identifying, confronting, and defeating procrastination. Please, I really want you to add more.

  1. Take a day or two and put together a list of the things that really need to get done. Keep a small piece of paper with you so you can write them down as they come to you.
  2. When you’ve completed the list sit back and just look at it, absorbing the depth of your procrastination troubles.
  3. Realize how your procrastination has hurt you and the damage it could cause in the future.
  4. Come to accept your procrastination problem and understand there’s some sort of motivation behind the madness.
  5. Over time, attempt to identify the agenda and work through it. Seek help if necessary.
  6. Get it into your head that “to-do’s” won’t magically disappear into thin air.
  7. Examine your list and prioritize each…1, being urgent, through 4.
  8. Jot down how many hours or days it’ll take to complete each item.
  9. Record start and finish dates for each, beginning with today.

So will you help yourself, and others, by offering your procrastination-busting strategies and techniques?