“Questions”: An Early-Week Poem for You

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The second day of the second week of the new year. So much going on: symptoms, resolutions, and who knows what else. Let’s take a reflection break.

If you’ve spent any length of time on chipur – or subscribe to the newsletter – you know I’ve written poetry for many years. You also know I freely share it.

So amidst the hub-bub of everything that everyone likely has going-on right about now, let’s kick-back for a moment of reflection. Don’t worry, the stuff ain’t goin’ anywhere.


What makes me what I am
And what I feel
How do my feet know the path
And my head the way

How do I know when the day has passed
With tomorrow at hand
How do I know yesterday’s gone
And long beyond my reach

When did I know the time had come to stand on my own
When did I learn that hands were for holding
And hearts to share
When did I realize there was more in this world
Than me

Why did I know this was true

A million questions run through my mind
As I grasp that I’m here

But will the questions ever end

Answers revealed

How ’bout taking a moment to simply swirl things around for a while? And then you can think about jumping back into that race of yours.

Have a peaceful week…


image credit winter-pictures.net

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