Can the Resolution Bit. Let’s Go With Targets.

Okay, I’m cheating a bit here, but I think it’s justified. What you’re about to read is the primary content of this week’s newsletter. And I’m posting it because if you’ve considered subscribing I believe it’s important that you get an occasional sample. So to my newsletter subscribers who have checked in to see what’s up today, my apologies. And you’re invited to use my backside for your next target.

Here we are on the front doorstep of a new year. Heck, new decade. Seems like only yesterday we were embarking upon a whole new millennium.  Tempus fugit. Yes, time flies.

As we all look ahead to 2010, are you at all like me…turned-off by the “New Year’s Resolution” concept? I find it so abused and cliché. But don’t misunderstand, I find buckets of worth in having our eyes fixed upon the places we want to go, within and without, in the coming year. But making a list of “resolutions” just isn’t my cup of tea and simply doesn’t do it for me. Oh, and I absolutely view the term “goals” as trodden upon verbiage.

Here’s an idea! How ‘bout we go with “targets.” Yeah, that floats my boat. See, within the context of a target, nailing a bullseye would certainly be great; however, there wouldn’t be a thing wrong with hitting one of the outer circles.

So, tell you what I’m gonna’ do. I’m going to share my targets for 2010. And this will actually serve several purposes. It’ll reinforce them in my mind and heart, will give you an example of how I record my targets, and sharing my personal targets will draw us closer. I mean, like the little Facebook share thingie just above says, “Sharing is Caring.”

Okay, here goes…

Bill’s Targets for 2010

  • Stop smoking
  • Improve my nutritional habits
  • Help my children identify and hit their targets
  • Take my children on a trip to Los Angeles this summer
  • Become a stronger resource and support instrument for my readers and clients
  • Refine my speaking, writing, and blogging skills
  • Facilitate spiritual and personal growth
  • Find that special woman with whom I can spend the rest of my life
  • Improve my income by 300%

Now, those are targets. I may not hit the bullseye with every release of an arrow. And I may even hit the bale of hay on a few. But that’s okay, as long as the preparation, effort, and drive to try again remain. Do you follow me? These are targets, not “have-to-be-dead-on’s or I’m a failure’s.”

For my money, the best gift you could give yourself as the new year/decade begins is the gift of direction and accomplishment. And I believe targets facilitate exactly that. Heck, you may have only one target for 2010. That’s fine. Just make sure you place that bale of hay at a realistic distance. And if you don’t nail a bullseyes, relax. Again, as long as that preparation, effort, and drive to try again are there, you’ll be just fine.

Targets for 2010…not expect-soaked self-defeating resolutions. What do you think? We’d sure like you to share what you’ve come up with. Why not drop us a line? And, don’t worry, we won’t publish a thing on the blogaroo without your permission.