Screen Buzz: Let’s play 25 questions…

Yesterday I awoke with a pounding headache. Migraine? Cluster? Sinus? Nope.

True confessions – I was up until 3 am getting my new smartphone purrin’ like a kitten. And before that my eyes were squinting and glued to my laptop for several hours, working on chipur. By the way, looks like I’m going to have to move up to a pair of 3.00’s at Walgreens.

Well, in spite of the fact that I was really and truly productively working – I was also screen buzzin’.

I think you’ll find the next two days interesting, as we’re going to be discussing all things screen – and buzz.

That would be screens attached to laptops, desktop computers, video game monitors/TVs, GPS devices, and phones – and the high they can generate.


But a point of order up front. I am not an alarmist – and being a recovering alcoholic of almost 26 years, I don’t toss around the words “abuse” and “dependence” cavalierly. Believe me, it’s not my business to tell you who you are.

My only mission, as always, is to provide information and help you decide if you have an issue – and if some degree of intervention is indicated.

I’d like you to ponder these 25 potential screen buzzin’ questions

  • Are you known to bring along your laptop when you park it on the toilet?
  • Take a look around you. Are there more than three screens up and runnin’ where you are right now?
  • Do you occasionally dream about playing video games?
  • Do you need to play video games for longer and longer periods of time to get the feeling you’re accustomed to?
  • Would you freak-out if you had to drive a car without GPS?
  • Do you frequently spend more time online that you’d intended?
  • Do you have more cyber friends than the live version?
  • Do you experience an adrenal rush when you click your browser icon?
  • Do you ever feel irritable, nervous, or depressed after a decent amount of zippo screen time?
  • Does your screen time interfere with work, school, or social activities? (then again, it may be your only social activity)
  • Has the upkeep of your home ever taken a back seat to screen time?
  • Is your meal partner generally your phone or current video game?
  • Is the Internet more appealing to you than a sexual encounter with your partner?
  • Are you obsessed with checking your email?
  • Do you experience an altered state of consciousness when you’re involved with your screen for a long period of time?
  • Have you tried to cut back on your screen time, but couldn’t?
  • Are you secretive about your screen time?
  • Has your physical health or personal hygiene ever fallen by the wayside because of that video game?
  • Are you aware that you’re screen buzzin’ in an effort to escape from life?
  • Has a family member or significant other ever gotten on to you about your screen time (and did you rip their head off)?
  • Do you find yourself consumed by when you can next go online?
  • Is skipping meals because you’re engrossed in that video game a frequent occurrence?
  • Check your browser. Are there more than five tabs open?
  • Are you screen buzzin’ past 3 a.m. at least once a week?
  • Are you losing lots of sleep because of screen time?

Interesting and feeling/thought provoking questions, don’t you think? Well, the table’s now been set. Be sure to come back tomorrow as we begin the feast.

Anything you’d like to share thus far? All of us would enjoy reading your comments. Won’t you?