Scrooge’d About the Holidays? American’s Top 10

How to Prevent Depression

Well, I don’t know about you, but slogging through the depths of psychopathology – this close to Christmas – doesn’t much appeal to me.

Yes, I know this is a mood and anxiety disorder education and relief blog. Are you kidding me? I’ve been producing it for a month shy of two years!

But come on, don’t you get tired of slicing and dicing depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder 24/7?

Believe me, I’m not insensitive to your potential plight (not to mention my own history). And I’m fully aware that Christmas Day is just five days hence, many of you taking some heavy emotional and mental hits.

But for my money, going eyeball deep in psychopathology – coupled with Christmas coming up Sunday – can deliver a combo capable of knocking anyone to the canvas.

So until we get past the magical 12/25, chipur articles are going to be short ‘n easy. Are you with me?

Speaking of which…

Consumer Reports: American’s Top 10 Holiday Dreads

Found this cool survey result list published this past November 29 on In the holiday spirit of sharing, thought I’d run it by you.

So it seems the folks at Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted a “nationally representative” telephone survey of 1,013 adult Americans.

What did they ask them?

“What (if anything) do you dread most about the holidays?” Here are the Top 10 (incidentally, 90% said there was at least one thing)…

  1. Crowds and long lines (68%)
  2. Gaining weight and getting into debt (tied at 37%)
  3. Gift shopping (28%)
  4. Traveling (25%)
  5. Seeing certain relatives (24%)
  6. Seasonal music (23%)
  7. Disappointing gifts (19%)
  8. Having to attend holiday parties or events (16%)
  9. Having to be nice (15%)
  10. Holiday tipping (12%)

So there you have it. What do you think? Anything surprise you? And how ’bout #9? What a hoot!

As I said, we’re talking short ‘n easy through Christmas Day here on chipur.

Hang in there…

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