Security was crucial to our survival well before we were born. After all, it equates to safety. But it can be incredibly hard to come by, especially in the world of emotional and mental distress. Let’s talk it over…

…the curious thing about security is it plays two leading, and contradictory, roles in our mood and anxiety saga.

Financial, social, cyber, national – all sorts of security is floating around out there.

However, right here and now we’re interested in only one: emotional and mental security.

Security defined

Let’s get off to a solid start by taking a look at portions of two definitions from Merriam-Webster…

Secure: free from danger, affording safety, free from risk or loss

Security: freedom from danger, freedom from fear or anxiety

Says it all, doesn’t it? Having endured mood and anxiety disorders for decades, I can’t even begin to express how meaningful – yes, crucial – emotional and mental security are.

But I’m thinking I really don’t have to.

We know our lives can become complicated and unsteady at times. So the peace of mind that comes with knowing we have reliable sources of security to turn to is huge.

Contradictory roles

You know, the curious thing about security is it plays two leading, and contradictory, roles in our mood and anxiety saga.

Its absence often leads to the generation and lasting power of our symptoms. Finding and holding on to it is essential in disorder and life management.

And that’s what makes emotional and mental security an ongoing top priority.

Frail and lasting security

Okay, security can be incredibly hard to come by. But let’s just say one type is quite a bit easier to find than the other. Here’s what I mean…

Frail security

where do i find security

“The booze isn’t cutting it anymore. I gotta’ find some security that lasts.”

I believe what I refer to as frail security is, indeed, the easiest to find.

Consider these sources: money, work, school, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, relationships, food, pornography, and social media.

I think it’s interesting that most of them – in measure – could easily become sources of what’s thought to be lasting security. That means this security business is often a matter of recognizing and managing our excesses.

Well, let’s jump over to the lasting side of the security fence and see what we can see.

How ‘bout these…

12 sources of lasting security

  1. Diligence in self-care
  2. Holding ourselves in high regard
  3. Making sure our emotional, mental, and physical health remain a top priority
  4. Deeply understanding ourselves
  5. Knowing our excesses and managing them
  6. Being resilient and tenacious
  7. Keeping family close
  8. Taking comfort in healthy committed relationships and friendships
  9. Nurturing a reciprocating spiritual relationship
  10. Giving and receiving love
  11. Believing in the power of hope
  12. Giving of ourselves to others

Now, each of them can be personalized. And some may require hard work to get up to speed. Of course, there isn’t always going to be a fit.

We also need to keep in mind that we don’t have to run the table. One or several may work just fine.

From personal experience I can tell you each of them holds the potential to provide lasting security. It’s just a matter of finding the right one or mix.

If we look hard enough

Over the many years, I’ve learned that lasting security is an essential if we’re to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful existence.

I’ve also learned not to be fooled by the multitude of stealthy frail sources of security. They’re all over the place.

Again, security equates to safety. Sure it can be tough to come by, but it’s there to be found…

If we look hard enough.

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