Security: 12 Lasting Foundations

Take another look at the image, if you will. What does it bring to your heart and mind? I chose it after deciding upon the subject-matter for this piece, so you know what it means to me.

Within the context of how we’ll use the word, here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of security

The quality or state of being secure: as freedom from danger : safety. Freedom from fear or anxiety.

That just about nails it, don’t you think? Having endured mood and anxiety disorders for decades, I can’t even begin to express how meaningful – vital – security is. Our lives can become very complicated, and seemingly unsteady. So knowing we have solid sources of security within arm’s reach is crucial.

And if you’ve experienced your share of mood and anxiety ick, you know exactly where I’m coming from.

Oh, the image and my connection with security. It’s just a feeling of great warmth, comfort, and ease I experienced when I first saw it. And given I was looking for an image for an article on security, my description of what the image brought me reveals my personal definition of security.

Perhaps it would be a productive exercise for all of us to take mental notes on the sensual input that brings us a feeling of security.

You know, the curious thing about security is it plays two starring, and contradictory, roles in our mood and anxiety screenplay. Its absence often leads to the generation and sustenance of our pathology. And its acquisition is essential to disorder and life management.

And what a great segue into the all important difference between frail and lasting security.

Let’s be realistic, no matter the type, sources of security really aren’t that tough to come by. However, I would suggest the spring of frail security is often easier to access; and seemingly more attractive.

To name but a few – money, work, school, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, dicey relationships, food, and the Internet.

Interesting. Don’t know if you caught it, but I find significance in the fact that most of these – in measure – may well be sources of lasting security. And, to me, that means this security business is often a matter of recognizing and managing our excesses.

Well, let’s jump-over to the lasting side of the security fence and, together, do some building…

12 Lasting Foundations of Security

  1. Positive self-regard
  2. Positive self-care
  3. Emotional, mental, and physical health
  4. Self-comprehension
  5. Insight into our excesses and their management
  6. Resilience and tenacity
  7. Family
  8. Healthy committed relationships, and friendships
  9. Spirituality
  10. Love
  11. Hope
  12. Helping others
  13. Your ideas (comment – hint, hint)

So what do you think? Would they provide a sense of lasting security for you? Think they’re strong enough to support you when times get especially tough? They sure work for me.

Over the many years, I’ve learned security is absolutely vital to my comfortable and peaceful existence. I’ve also learned not to be fooled by the multitude of stealthy frail sources of security that are so easy to come by.

What about you? Where are you in terms of your sources of security? Is what you’re relying upon working for you? Is it time for a change? Why not share with us, or make an addition to our list?