Some Chat & Rhymes…

Well, my 14-year-old daughter and I ventured out to catch the premier of New Moon early this morning. We shared the premier of Twilight and she wanted to make it two in a row.

Of course, neither would have been tops on my “must see” list, but that doesn’t much matter does it? It was quality time with my daughter that counted. And the flick was at least entertaining.

Okay. Made a decision to share some of my poems on occasion.  Let’s start right now with…


After all
What can we be but ourselves
When it’s all torn down
And nothing’s left but who we truly are
Stripped to the bone
Exposed to all and self
There’s no where left to hide

No shelter from the storm
No propping scaffold
No diversion to deflect the truth

Only a direct gaze deep within
With a frightened blink of an eye

But upon unsettled earth
Unstable legs gain strength
In steadfastness
And blind forward energy

In tatters
Amidst the rubble
We come to know
And become whole

In a chance

Of a lifetime