It gnaws at you throughout the day, every day. You feel as though something’s missing, even aching at times with emptiness. So you look everywhere to find whatever it is. But that presents a problem. How do you find something if you don’t know what it is?

Along the way, it’s hit me that running with my thoughts and feelings on the first take often leads to misery.

Right at this very moment, do you feel fulfilled?

Maybe it’s better to ask if you feel like something’s missing – that achy emptiness.

If it rings true, have you been looking for it? And do you have something in mind? I mean, what exactly are you looking for?

You may be shaking your head and saying to yourself, “Geez, Bill, I’m on a mood and anxiety site, what do you think I’m looking for?”

Of course, you’re here to find relief for your symptoms of depression, anxiety, mania, chronic stress, etc. And you know I get that.

But what if I suggested you still may not know what you’re looking for?

Don’t get sore.

Relief: It’s a byproduct

Pause for a moment and take a calming breath or two. Let’s see if we can open our minds to a little reason.

Relief for what emotionally and mentally ails us isn’t the primary target. And if that’s what we’re looking for, we’ll come up empty handed.

Depression and anxiety relief is a byproduct of squaring up with…

  • Acceptance
  • Learning and management
  • Analysis and adjustment
  • Life’s purpose and meaning
  • Overall health
  • Self-image

…and so much more.

It’s like happiness. Those that make it their end goal, instead of taking care of the things that allow it to evolve, typically don’t find it.

Clarifying and reviewing

what are you looking for

“Hmm, knowing what I’m looking for before the search. Well, that’s an interesting concept.”

Do you think I’m on to something? If I am, and you’re with me, doesn’t it underscore the importance of clarifying and reviewing the targets of our search (and rescue) missions?

As a depression and anxiety vet, I’ve learned to carefully analyze and select my search missions – as well as my battles.

Along the way, it’s hit me that running with my thoughts and feelings on the first take often leads to misery. Arriving at that slice of wisdom had much to do with coming to understand how deceptive – stealthy – our “issues” really are.

Reasons and answers

But this isn’t about me – I’m writing for you. In the midst of frustration and angst, do you find yourself constantly looking for reasons and answers?

Who wouldn’t, right? That said, we have to make sure we’re spot-on in terms of what we’re actually looking for.

I’m suggesting we give that which burns inside our minds and hearts a second or third (maybe even fourth) review. I can’t over-emphasize how important that is. Not only will it save us a ton of “misdirectional” distress and despair, it’ll pave the road to the relief we’re looking for.

I mean, how could we ever expect to reach our goals if we’ve missed the mark in terms of the target of our search?

Kick back and reflect

Find yourself a quiet place to kick-back and reflect. And don’t do it with the purpose of finding immediate answers – relief. Approach it as embarking upon the correct journey.

When the reflection ends, let it go – a clear head and time can do some marvelous things.

I’m betting insight and answers will evolve and present themselves. And then you can build upon – and harvest – what you’ve planted.

Know what you’re looking for

Just last night, I felt as though something was missing. I began my search mission – even looked under the couch. I couldn’t find it.

But I finally realized I didn’t know what I was looking for.

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