The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow (are we ready?)

There’s no more desperate feeling than wondering if we’ll be alright after a mood, anxiety, or traumatic episode. But for my money, the bigger question is how we’ll respond when we emerge.

I wrote an article yesterday addressing our obsession over never coming-out of a time of crisis. And I upped the ante by suggesting, in the protection of our woman/man-cave, we may even believe the crisis will never end. Here’s a link to the piece.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind we’ll emerge; and the sun will rise for us once more.

The bigger question is, are we ready?

Let’s talk through one of the gajillion possible scenarios at the foundation of our desperation…

You lost your job two months ago, and it’s been an increasingly frightening nightmare since. You weren’t the benchmark of financial security, having three months of expenses stuffed in your mattress, when you were working. So even after the meager unemployment bennies finally hit, you’re in the grips of a major dough-bind.

‘Course, every bill collector in the world has somehow found you and stapled a target on your fanny. And your family, though portraying they understand and are with you every step of the way, is actually seething because of your supposed irresponsibility, the financial instability, and colossal worry.

That, along with the job search/interview/”no thanks” treadmill, has you floundering within a loser self-perception.

Physically you’re cashed. Your fight/flight response is rockin’ 24/7, so you’re pumping buckets of cortisol and adrenaline. You’re eating terribly, sleeping poorly, chain-smoking, substance abusing, and gave-up on that new exercise regimen.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to cash-in your chips, your once manageable mood and anxiety symptoms are now terrorizing you.

But, lo and behold, that amazing day came. It was more than enough that you were offered the greatest of jobs. But your new employer stunned you by announcing a $5000 signing bonus was part of the package.

End of crisis – all is well!

Having waited weeks for this moment, you step-out onto your deck the following morning to soak in the rising sun, as well as a brand new life. But, shockingly, something is very wrong. You ain’t feelin’ it. In fact, you’re flatter than a pancake – and you haven’t the least idea why.


Come on back tomorrow and we’ll talk about the “whys” – and what we can do about them.