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The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

In the midst of desperate times we may find ourselves repeating, “Will I be alright when this is over?” And the fact of the matter is, we may not believe “when this is over” is even a possibility.

Our routine symptoms are tough enough to cope with. But when a troubling mood or anxiety episode – or major life stressor – comes a calling, our outlook on life can spiral downward.

So we hunker down in our woman/man cave in maximum protection mode and obsessively worry about everything. And that includes whether or not the sun will rise somewhere in the world tomorrow.

It’s no wonder we’d ponder the potential for never again being alright, given our state of emotional and mental frenzy. Reason would set us free, but reason is a bit tough to come by just now. Am I right?

How would you feel if I told you things will definitely be alright when we emerge from our caves?

I know that’s hard to believe while we’re frozen in desperation and protection. However, when reason has taken the last train for the coast, we have to look to others who have walked our path and, once again, embraced the rising sun.

And then it’s a matter of blind faith – accepting the truth that if they can do it, so can we (unless you can convince me there’s a flaw in my argument).

I was sitting in a store as I was writing part of this piece. Suddenly one of my favorite songs came to life on the sound system, and my eyes very quickly teared-up. The timing seemed just perfect. See what you can pull from the lyrics of That’s What Love Is For, recorded by Amy Grant

Sometimes we make it harder than it is
We’ll take a perfect night and fill it up with words we don’t mean
Dark sides best unseen
And we wonder why we’re feeling this way

Sometimes I wonder if we really feel the same
Why we can be unkind
Questioning the strongest of hearts
That’s when we must start
Believing in the one thing that has gotten us this far

That’s what love is for
To help us through it
That’s what love is for
Nothing else can do it

Melt our defenses
Bring us back to our senses
Give us strength to try once more
Baby that’s what love is for

Sometimes I see you and you don’t know I am there
And I’m washed away by emotions I hold deep down inside
Getting stronger with time
It’s living through the fire
And holding on we find

That’s what love is for
To help us through it
That’s what love is for
Nothing else can do it

Round off the edges
Talk us down from the ledges
Give us strength to try once more
Baby that’s what love is for

My gut is the lyrics are grounded in a committed relationship issue. But I say they apply just as well to a relational issue with self.

I encourage you to think and feel about how the words – the concepts – can bring you encouragement and assurance that you will be alright when this is over. And help you believe when this is over will definitely occur – and the sun will rise tomorrow in your world.

Thoughts? Feelings? Why not share with us in a comment?