Thank You, Healthline. Thank You, READERS!

by | Apr 18, 2017

Started blogging about the mood and anxiety disorders just about eight years ago. And awards sure as heck had nothing to do with it. Nah, it’s still so much deeper – personal – than that…

Received news yesterday that Chipur has been named one of Healthline’s Best Depression Blogs for 2017. What can I say, but thank you. And a major thank you to you, my readers. Why? Because you inspire and motivate me to do the best I can – in many ways.

Hey, be sure to hit that link, as there are some very fine blogs on the list. No doubt, lots of worthy reading.

BTW, have a cool post coming-up prob by the end of the week. Was contacted by students representing The Ohio State University College of Nursing Mental Health Initiative. They have a powerful project cookin’ and I want to share the details.

Stay Tuned…

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