t’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in the States. That may, or may not, be meaningful to you. I get it. Still, as much as may be wrong in the life of someone enduring a mood or anxiety disorder, being thankful – even for something minuscule – is a good and healing practice…

Yep, here we are embarking upon another holiday season. A joyful time for some, hell on earth for others. But no matter how it rolls with any particular reader, I just believe the light needs to be on here at Chipur, and a good word available.

Please accept this simple and poetic Thanksgiving Day message…

Only Thankful

The only day it needs to be
Is just the one you woke to see

The only place you have to be
Is somewhere north of misery

The only thing you need to do
Is take good care in being you

The only words you need to say
Are those that want to come your way

The only one you need to see
Is someone known as good ‘ole me

But maybe one important task
Nothing much of self to ask

In spite of burdens’ overlay
A word of thanks to end your day

Hey, wishing each of you a day – a season – as you need it to be.

As always, thank you for being a Chipur reader…

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