The Anxiety “Cure”: Nope! But 10 Things You’d Better Be Doing!

The bulk of them ought to be ashamed of themselves. I just did a Google search for anxiety cure. In .19 seconds I got 1,790,000 results. What percentage would you guess are cons?

My bacon gets thoroughly fried when I see the word cure used in association with a product or service directed at those enduring an emotional/mental health disorder. And that applies to the alcoholism and addiction cure folks in Malibu. There, I said it!

News Flash!!! It ain’t that easy, folks. And these hucksters are taking advantage of your dire circumstances for purposes of their financial gain.

Whoa! Anger is sabotaging my mission. How ’bout I gather and redirect my attention and energy – and get back on task (ever had to do that)?

Is There a Cure For You?

An anxiety cure. Hmmm. Okay, what if I ran an article announcing I’d found the cure for whatever it is about you you can’t stand?

That’s right – that quick temper, being five inches too short, that flat fanny, crying at the drop of a hat, your increasingly thinning hair, and so on.

Would you believe me? Of course you wouldn’t. And I’m proposing the causes of your anxiety are likely as pervasive as the causes of the inconveniences I just mentioned. So, a cure? Um, no.

But take heart, there’s plenty you can do about it.

Back to those characteristics. One by one – anger and impulsivity work, find creative ways to increase your stature, the gym and clothing can do wonders, emotional regulation techniques, a hair loss club or clippers.

Convince me anxiety can’t be resolved (not cured) in a like manner!

10 Things You’d Better Be Doing About Your Anxiety

Okay, there’s no cure for anxiety problems. If you’re at all put-out or devastated by that dose of reality, it’s time for a reality check. It’s also time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

If you haven’t done/aren’t doing at least these 10 things, you aren’t in any position to panic over, or complain about, your circumstances…

  1. Get a complete physical examination, including blood work. Your doc needs to know anxiety is an issue.
  2. Research your family’s emotional and mental health history. It’s about insight and direction.
  3. Get your lifestyle habits in order – diet, exercise, sleep, stress management.
  4. Take a long and honest look at your substance use – alcohol, tobacco, pills (recreational and prescription), cannabis, food, etc. They Band-Aid your issues and delay resolution.
  5. Work with a counselor who knows how to treat the anxiety disorders.
  6. Dissect, come to understand, and change your belief systems and subsequent patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. A counselor sure comes in handy here.
  7. Re-evaluate your meds regimen. Understand what you’re taking and why, within the context of strategies and goals. Antidepressants, benzodiazepines, beta-blockers, a combination, nothing? You’ll need your physician’s help here (work with a psychiatrist if you can).
  8. No whining – it’s a waste of time and energy.
  9. Stay connected. Learn, implement, and practice.
  10. Keep moving forward.

The Story Behind the Story & We’ll Close

There’s generally a story behind every article I write. And so it is here. A very dear friend – an anxiety and substance dependence vet – left cigarettes behind several days ago.

He’s now many years alcohol-free – to go along with his three days of cigarette abstinence. He’s doing just fine, and I’m so proud of him.

He shared with me how thrilled he was to have removed and discarded his final bit of disguise. Masks gone, he’s managing his anxiety – his life – in accordance with the truest sense of self.

I found myself wishing an anxiety cure for him; and that’s what brought us here.

Ah, so many thoughts, feelings, and words – yada, yada, yada.

Know what? We are who we are, people. And the sooner we move away from fantasies of ease and cures, the sooner we’ll be comfortable.

What are you doing to live within the realities of your anxiety?