The holiday season is ova’. Now what?

can’t keep new year’s resolutions

That’s all she wrote. The holiday season is ova’. For some, that’s the best possible news. Others feel lost without the traditions and memories. Either way, we’ve started a brand spanking new year. And many find that hard to absorb because it begs the question, “Now what?”.

We have a fresh 365 days ahead of us. What will they be like for you? Where will you take your place?

Another holiday season – gone. Let’s see, Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. through January 1st. That’s a little over five weeks to gut it out or pray it never ends.

But end it did. And it’s time to embrace the new year.

Just asking

By the way, how’d you hold up? The good, the bad? Did you learn anything about yourself? Gain insight into someone else?

I know, lots of questions.

Just one more: How were your mood or anxiety symptoms? That can be a dicey issue for many of us during the holidays. Certainly, you survived; however, did your management skills come through for you?

Now what?

new year's resolution

“I got this. Make 2022 yours as well.”

Indulge me as I run a few more questions by you. Let’s start with the biggest one of all: Now what? We have a fresh 365 days ahead of us. What will they be like for you? Where will you take your place?

Last week I posted Let the Corks Fly! 10 things to think about for 2022. Those “10 things” are emotional/mental in nature and written for those enduring a mood or anxiety disorder. In fact, they often float through my mind. As I said in the piece, “…they’re reminders, which have served me well over the years.”

As you ponder “Now what?”, please take the article into consideration.

But there’s so much more to making the most of the new year. As I inquired just a bit ago: What will a fresh 365 days be like for you? Where will you take your place?

Work on answering those questions…

Perhaps it’s time to make a relationship decision. Maybe an advancement or change of direction at work is in order. Could be time for some academic decisions. Or there may be some personal health priorities to address.

It’s all about pursuing good things for yourself – and securing them. And then it’s on to reaching out to others.

Of course, this assumes you’ll get off the mark and get after it. Do I have to tell you that inspiration and motivation can be tough to come by right after the holidays? So, you may need to push yourself hard. But even if it’s an inch at a time, you absolutely have to initiate and sustain forward motion.

Make it yours

Truth: the holiday season is ova’ and a new year is upon us. But maybe you find that difficult to absorb because of the “Now what?” factor.

Blow past that! Forge ahead – even with blind faith – and make the new year yours.

This is not a drill.

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